OpenWrt RAMIPS/mt7620 r47168

For the purpose of testing Node.js 4.1.2 on Archer C20i and OpenWrt I have produced and published this r47168 build.

It is a standard trunk build, except:

  1. Block device included (to allow putting Node.js on a USB drive instead of /tmp/
  2. zram is included
  3. Kernel FPU emulation is enabled

To install packages

root@ac20i:/etc/opkg# cat distfeeds.conf 

src/gz designated_driver_base
src/gz designated_driver_telephony
src/gz designated_driver_packages
src/gz designated_driver_routing
src/gz designated_driver_luci
src/gz designated_driver_management

I have tested this on my ArcherC20i. I do not know anything about the quality of the the other images.

I may remove this page, the images, and the packages, at any time, without any notice.

Proceed to download

// zo0ok 2015-10-11